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Mario Arthur - Shotokan

Mario Arthur


Adrian Ellis - Shotokan

Adrian Ellis


Pal Erik Hansen - Makotokai

Pal Erik Hansen


Salvador Herraiz Embid - Wado Ryu

Salvador Herraiz Embid

Wado Ryu

Brian Hobson - Shorin Ryu

Brian Hobson

Shorin Ryu

Sei Iwasa - Shito Ryu

Sei Iwasa

Shito Ryu

Okubo Katsumi - Shorin Ryu

Okubo Katsumi

Shorin Ryu

Bernhard Keller - Shotokan

Bernhard Keller


Scott Langley - Shotokan

Scott Langley


Victor Liashenko - Makotokai

Victor Liashenko


Gerard Mene - Shobukai

Gerard Mene


Fulvio Pascut - Makotokai

Fulvio Pascut


Fernando Prasanna - Kyokushin

Fernando Prasanna


Alberto Presincula - Shorin Ryu

Alberto Presincula

Shorin Ryu

Gregory Reid - Wado Ryu

Gregory Reid

Wado Ryu

Yasuyoshi Saito - Shotokan

Yasuyoshi Saito


Santiago Sacaba - Shorin Ryu

Santiago Sacaba

Shorin Ryu

Ilio Semino - Shotokan

Ilio Semino


Leon Sill - Shotokan

Leon Sill


Jordi Ferrando - Kobudo

Jordi Ferrando


Michel Nehme - Aikido

Michel Nehme


Juan Ramon Galvez Marin - Kung Fu

Juan Ramon Galvez Marin

Kung Fu

Amnon Aloni - Krav Magen

Amnon Aloni

Krav Magen

Larry Treger - Korean Martial Arts

Larry Treger

Korean Martial Arts




Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae

curriculum vitae


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Hanshi, Mario Arthur

Hanshi, Mario Arthur


Professor: Mario Arthur began his Martial Arts training in 1963 in -Judo with Master Alexander Hamilton and trained later with various other instructors, Aikido with Sensei Rod, Kyokushinkai with Sensei Kanamura, Shotokan with Stephen Oliver and the JKA Organization Sensei Abe, Kendo with Sensei Tomita Saitama, Tai-Chi with Master Min-Pai Tae-Kwon-Do with Tai Sik Kim and countless other Instructors.

  • 1973: Opened first Dojo ( Arthur Lee Martial Arts Institute, Brooklyn, NY).
  • 1974: Studied Aikido under Sensei Rod.
  • 1975: Attended Brooklyn Kyokushinkai / Founded Haiti's Karate Federation.
  • 1976: AAU Metropolitan / Membership / Referee training under Thomas LaPuppet Carrol Carrol.
  • 1976: Karate Instructor Police Athletic League 103Pct. Center, Queens, NY.
  • 1977: Opened the Salvation Army Karate Club in Brooklyn, NY. Promoted to 2nd Degree Black Belt, Tae-Kwon-Do.
  • 1978: Tai-Chi Chuan and Chinese Philosophy under Master Min Pai.
  • 1979: Promoted to Godan 5th Degree Black Belt. Trained in Kingston, Jamaica ( Jamaica JKA).
  • 1980: Joined A.F.M.A. received 5th Dan recognition. Joined US-Butoku-kai under Richard Kim.
  • 1981: Trained in Saitama, Japan Kendo – Iaido, Kubudo.
  • 1982: Awarded 6th Dan. Trained in Kobudo under Ramon Ramos, Manila ,Philippine.
  • 1983: Received Class A-Referee (AAU) Certification. I studied JuJutsu from various Instructors. Partnered with Shihan Dennis Palumbo Hakkoryu  Juutsu.
    1984: Pan-American Referee Council A-Rated (AAU).
  • 1985: Appointed Rocky Mountain AAU Karate Chairman by P. Hickey/ Master George Anderson.
  • 1986: I was awarded 7th Dan, Shihan Menkyo Kaiden and  Appointed Regional Director USA- Karate Federation, Region 9 by Mater George Anderson. Traveled to Haiti with Shihan Seiji Kanamura  Kyokushinkai Seminar.
  • 1987: Appointed AAU Region 10 Regional Director, Member of AAU National Committee. Opened Second Dojo in Aurora, Colorado. (Wuko Referee License.
  • 1988: Received Official Certification Class A-Referee from AAU (Bob Allen). (Wuko Referee Member)
  • 1990: Studying, Lecturing and Teaching, Japan / Thailand / Hong Kong and other parts of Shito Ryu.
  • 1999: Traveled to Wado Ryu begin Research study of indigenous Tribes- Studied with several instructor in Senegal Ghana South Wado Ryu..
  • In November 2001: Received appointment, of  technical Director for AFMA International by the AFMA Board of Directors and Hanshi Adolfo Ennever Hanshi Vincent Cruz.
  • 2005- Vice President Haitian Karate federation PKF-WKF Representative
  • 2006- Created HMMA – Haitian Mix Martial Arts (After various historical researches on Haitian Revolution based on Toussaint Louverture and Bookman System.
  • 2007 – Confederation Centro Americana Y del Caribe De Karate (CCCK-Voted as The Caribbean  Vice President Under (PKF-WKF) (Mexico City)
  • 2010- January promoted to 9th Dan Karate by the San-Ten Organization- American Federation of Martial Arts.
  •  2014: Registered with Wuko World United Karate Organization : President of Haiti Karate Federation .
  • 2016- Wuko Continental Referee and named Chairman for Wuko Representing the Caribbean Region.
  • 2017- Honored with the title of Soke Ethiopia Integrated Martial Arts Federation

Presently: Traveling throughout the World promoting Martial Arts, and cultural Awareness. My focus is promoting the Technical aspects of Karate. I have been working with various Martial Arts Organization on Technical Development… Also sharing my system of Martial Arts Promoting HMMA and UFMA. Bringing all Martial Arts together and provide an opportunity for development.



Darryl Williams

Darryl Williams


•    1970- Began training -9th September (Corpus Christi Convent- Trinidad and Tobago)
•    1976- Shodan – Seishin Kai Karate Union (SKKU) –Japan
•    1979- Nidan –Sesihin Kai Karate Union-Japan
•    1981-Chief Instructor - Bushido Karate Dojo- Trinidad and Tobago ( 1981-1993)
•    1983- Nidan - -Shorin Ryu kenshinkan Karate-do Fed.-Okinawa
•    1983- Sandan – Seishin Kai Karate Union-Japan
National Judge –Kumite (Trinidad and Tobago)
           Shidoin License – SKKU- Japan
•    1984-member- Butokukai of Canada
National Referee- Kumite /National Judge –Kata
           Shodan - Kobudo – Seishin Kai Kobudo Union-Japan
           Shodan- Goshin-Do Ju-Jitsu – SKKU-Japan
•    1987- Yondan—Seishin Kai Karate Union (SKKU) - Japan
2nd Degree Black Belt- Kobudo –SKKU-Japan
            2nd Degree Black Belt- Ju-Jitsu – Goshin-Do Ju-Jitsu Union- Japan
            National Kata/Kumite Referee –Trinidad and Tobago
            PRO- Federation of Martial Arts of Trinidad and Tobago
•    1991- Yondan- Hayashi-Ha Shito-Ryu
 Regional Judge –PUKO – Curacao
•    1993- Certified Karate coach- Ministry of Sport –Trinidad and Tobago - Sept
State Referee ( USAKF –New York )
•    1994- Regional Referee- PUKO – Florida, USA
Regional Referee-USA Karate Federation
            Chief instructor- Japan Karate-Do Center ( Queens, New York) 1994-1997
•    1998 –Continental Referee –PKF –Santiago, Dominica Republic
American Sport Education Program (ASEP) Certified Coach
            State Referee-New York – USA-NKF
•    1999- American Council of Martial Arts (ACMA) Instructor Program
•    2000- League Referee –USA-NKF – San Jose, USA
•    2002- Godan – Shito-Ryu Nippon Karate-Do Kai
Shihan License -Japan
            National ‘B’ Class Referee- USAKF-Ohio, USA
•    2003 – USA Karate Federation ‘Man of the Year ‘ award- Akron, Ohio
•    2004- Chief Instructor- The Karate Club- Orlando, USA ( 2004-2006)
•    2006- Rokudan – Trinidad and Tobago Karate Alliance
          Chief Instructor- Bassai Karate Dojo- International –Present
•    2007- WUKO Kata Judge/Kumite Referee- Torrent, Spain ( July)
Rokudan – WUKO ( June)
           Best New Referee- WUKO 2nd World Championships- Torrent, Spain
          Chairman – Trinidad and Tobago Karate Federation-TTKF
•    2008 –WUKO International Referee Course- Norcia, Italy ( March)
WUKO Kata/Kumite Referee- Jesolo, Italy ( October) 2nd World Junior Championships
•    2009 – Coach –National Youth Sports Coaches Association ( NYSCA) –USA ( May)
WUKO Chief Referee ( Kata/Kumite) – Guadalajara, Mexico –( Nov)
WUKO Vice President- Guadalajara, Mexico ( Nov)
•    2010- ASEP certified Coach – (Coaching Principles and Sport First Aid) –March
WUKO Chief Referee- 4th World Junior Championships- Buenos Aires
ISKA “AA” Official – 2010 World Championships- Orlando, USA
 BKD-I Edmonton Canada – Referee course/ Shito-Ryu Clinic – Dec 10
2011- USSSA Karate Chairman-Rules Committee - Sept
ASEP Instructor – Bronze level Program( Coaching Principles and Sport First Aid) –Feb
           Conducted WUKO Referee course –May – Teresina, Piaui, Brazil
•    2012 - WUKO Referee coordinator – Jan
•    USSSA AA Referee License – April 28th
            WUKO 5th Junior Championships- Teresina, Brazil – July. Conducted WUKO Referee course.
            Sichidan – All Japan Seishinkai Karate Federation – ISKF/JSKF- July  
            Member – World Martial Arts Masters Association- Japan - August
            Yondan – Ju-Jitsu – All Japan Seishinkai - September
            Renshi Title- ISKF/JSKF (Japan) - September  
•    7th Dan – World Registry of Black Belts ( WRBBOF)
WUKO Referee courses conducted
•    2013 – Referee Course – WUKO- Minneola, Florida – June 20th (conducted seven in Florida)
Referee Course -  WUKO-St. Lucia – June 30th to May 3rd
Referee Course – WUKO-Bahamas - July 21st to 23rd
Referee Course – WUKO-Trinidad– July 25th – 28th
Referee Course -  WUKO-New York – August 17th -18th
Technical Seminar – FESIK/WUKO- Gaeta, Italy – October 3rd to 7th (participant)
Referee Course – WUKO-USA –Winter Haven, Florida – Nov 16th
•    7th Dan – WUKO – January
Godan – Kobudo – Brazil Karate and Kobudo Federation – September
US Open AA Referee (ISKA)– Updated – July
USA President Fitness Award (Karate) –July (Obama Administration)
•    WUKO-USA Technical Committee – November
2nd Caribbean Cup Tournament – November- Trinidad –Director
•    2014 – WUKO DC – May (re-elected 2nd time) Vice President – Italy
WUKO- Referee Coordinator (re-confirmed)
WUKO –USA Liaison (renewed)
WUKO Referee course- March –Minneola, FL, USA
WUKO Referee Course – June - Minneola, FL US
JKI-WUKO Fall Gasshaku- October 14th to 16th – Kissimmee, FL
•    2015 – Conducted WUKO –AD Referee courses in the Pan American region
USAKI –WUKO Referee Workshop – July
USSSA /WUKO Referee Course -   September 18th to 20th – Winter Park, Florida                                                                                                                                     
JKI-WUKO- Gasshaku/Goodwill Tournament- Kissimmee, Florida, USA –Oct 23rd -25th                                                 
•    WUKO & AD World Cup- Lignano, Italy. - Nov – 19-22
Volunteer – Serve as an adviser to many karate organizations-   Names available on request.
•    2016- WUKO Referee course- Panama City – August 12th to 14th (instructor)
WUKO World Cup (referee course supervisor) -Buenos Aires – November 10th – 13th - Instructor
WUKO-DC – re-elected Vice President for third term (Buenos Aires)
4th Caribbean Cup – Trinidad & Tobago - November 25-27 – Director 
•    2017-
January 21st -23rd. Conducted referee course – Houston, Texas (USAKI -Texas)
June 16th to 18th – Director – WUKO 1st Pan Am Cup- Trinidad and Tobago
September 2nd -3rd – Director –USA Karate International Referee workshop/Tournament (Orlando, FL)
•    2018- Renew membership- Dai Nippon Butoku – Kai (DNBK) –January
July 27th- Shorin Ryun Cup Referee course- Orlando, Florida
Supervisor – 6th Caribbean Cup Karate Championships – September 28th-29th- (Trinidad & Tobago)
9th WUKO & AD World Cup- Lignano, Italy – November 16th – 18th. Referee coordinator
Referee Course –BKA- USAKI/WUKO, Shito-Ryu Kata clinic – Nassau, Bahamas – December 8th to 9th 2018
•    2019- January- Renew Dai Nippon Butoku-Kai
March 23rd and 24th – Referee course, Shito-Ryu Clinic- Bahamas

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