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World Karate Martial Arts Organization

Disabilities Commission


Executive Board

The project P.K.E. (Paralympic Karate Experience) has the main purpose to encourage the integration of athletes with disabilities in karate and martial arts gymnasium.


Mario Campise - President

Mario Campise


Luigi Gogna - Member

Luigi Gogna


Salvador Herraiz Embid - Member

Salvador Herraiz Embid



Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.

Charles Doughnut

Technical Commission


Rolando Gaido - President

Rolando Gaido


Gaetano Leto - Member

Gaetano Leto


Nicholas Seebaran - Member

Nicholas Seebaran



Being disabled does not mean Un-abled, just Different Abled

Noel Helm

Referee Commission

Salvatore Strummiello - President

Salvatore Strummiello



Jona Vichosky

Jona Vichosky

Principal Head

The homelike quality of our school contributes to a relaxed, focused experience for the child. Our indoor classroom activities are placed on open shelves for selection as interest and readiness inspires the child. Our outdoor environment offers a beautiful developed playground with manipulatives, tricycles, pets, and gardens.

She received her Doctorate in Medical Dentistry from the Boston University School of Dental. She later completed an extensive training in Conscious Sedation from Cambridge.

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Mario Campise

Mario Campise


  • 1973 Begins the practice of karate at the Funakoshi Club of Locarno under the guidance of M° Carlo Henke.
  • 1975 With the grade of green belt, joins the agonists group of Funakoshi Club directed by M° Carlo Henke and Patà Fiorentino.
  • 1984 August 30th, together with the late friend M° Arturo Fragni, founds the SHOTOKAN KARATE CLUB VERBANO (SKCV), a club that still directing as president and style responsible.
  • 1984 Signed up at the Bushido Cannobio, a sport society directed by M° Arturo Fragni.The same year, organized the 1st City of Locarno Trophy, a kata competition reserved for kids and cadets in which all the society of Verbano, Cusio and Ossola took part under the guidance of M° Carlo Henke.
  • 1985 Obtains the grade of black belt 1s Dan. The same year in Torino, obtains the qualification of Instructor.
  • 1988 Undertakes the practice of Nunchaku combat at the World Amateur Nunchaku Organization (WANO) based in Paris, school directed by M° Pascal Verhille.The Shotokan Karate Club Verbano remained for 5 years the representative for Switzerland.The same year, joins the WUKO as a member and acquires the grade of 2nd Dan at FITAK.
  • 1989 In the city of Altkirch (France), qualifies in 3rd place in the European Nunchaku Competition Championship, organized by the World Amateur Nunchaku Organization (WANO).
  • 1990 Obtains the grade of 3rd Dan and the qualification of Master at the FIKTA by M° Carlo Henke.
  • 1991 March 31st, the Swiss Karate Federation (FSK) recognizes the grade of 3rd Dan. The same year, begins to practice Kobudo at the Shorei Kan of M° Toshio Tamano.
  • 1992 With the late friend and close collaborator M° Arturo Fragni, founds the SWISS ITALIAN NUNCHAKU COMPETITION AND KOBUDO FEDERATION (FTNK), which will lead with considerable success until 1997.
  • 1993 May 15th, acquires the qualification of National Referee released by M° Carlo Henke.The same year, the Shotokan Karate Club Verbano - Locarno is affiliated to the FIKTA.
  • 1997 January 1st, obtains the qualification of Karate Instructor at the Italian Taekwondo and Karate Federation (FITAK).
  • 1997 Founds the SWISS ITALIAN KARATE FEDERATION (FKSI) to which 12 clubs adhere, of which is nominated President.The same year, obtains the grade of Master 4th Dan at the FESIK.The FKSI participates at the first WKC World Championship held in the city of Arezzo on May 24th.On May 31st, the Swiss Italian Karate Federation becomes a member of the WKC which recognizes its status as an autonomous federation, capable of representing the Swiss colors and the WKC recognizes the qualifications acquired up to now including that of Referee.
  • 1998 As President of FKSI, organizes the first ever WKC World Championship for kids and cadets category, held in Locarno at the FEVI Hall, where 400 athletes from 34 nations, included America, Asia and Australia have participated.
  • 2002 Organizes a summer camp in the Serene Village of Cutro – Calabria, called "Sport and Holidays".
  • 2004 Second edition of the summer camp "Sport and Holidays " in Calabria.
  • 2005 Achieves the grade of 5th Dan by the WUKO Honorary President M° Carlo Henke and the same year receives the Sporting Merits Award by the City Hall of Minusio.
  • 2007 On the occasion of the WUKO World Championship held in Valencia (Spain) on June 30th, acquires the rank of International Referee of Kata and Kumite.
  • 2009 February 6th, M° Carlo Henke, president of the World Union Karate Organizations (WUKO) as well as president of the Italian Karate Sports Federation (FESIK), grants the grade of 6th Dan for sporting merits.
  • 2011 In April, is appointed Responsible for the arbitration commission of the World Union Karate Organization (WUKO).
  • 2013 Appointed Vice President of the World Union Karate Organization (WUKO).This prestigious and unexpected nomination is the culmination of a long career as an international referee with participations in numerous international meetings. To name a few: Italy, Spain, Romania, England, Malta, France, Belgium and last of date, the World Championship of Lignano Sabbiadoro (Italy) and the most recent WUKF World Championship held in Ireland in the city of Dublin last June, where I was engaged as an international referee directing numerous matches.From 1st to 2nd of June, participation as international referee at the WUKO Stradivari Cup held in the city of Cremona (Italy).
  • 2014 in Lausanne (Switzerland), participates as WUKO Vice President with the Chairman M° Sean Henke at the establishment of the newborn UNITED WORLD KARATE (UWK). On October 18th, organizes the 1st WUKO Day at the National Youth Sports Centre in Tenero (Switzerland).
  • 2015 December 5th, participates at the Memorial Angel Duato Spanish Championship (FEUAM) held in Valencia (Spain) with the PKE athletes group as WUKO Referee Responsible.From 20th to 22nd of November at the WUKO & AD World Cup in Lignano Sabbiadoro (Italy).
  • 2016 October 4th, obtain the grade of 7th Dan for sporting merit from FESIK President M° Sean Henke.From 22nd to 23rd of October, the 2nd WUKO Day at the National Youth Sports Centre in Tenero (Switzerland).From 10th to 13th of November, participates at the WUKO World Cup in Buenos Aires (Argentina).In the same period, the FESIK SOCIAL PROJECTS structure is established with the appointment of Commission President.
  • 2017 on April 12th, the PARALIMPIC KARATE EXPERIENCE (PKE) is established. It is a structure belonging to the WUKO&AD and of which is appointed President.From 5th to 9th of April, participates with the PKE disabled athletes group at the 9th WUKF European Championship held in Cluj-Napoca (Romania).The same year, from 18th to 19th of November, attendes the WUKO&AD Open European Karate Cup in Montecatini Terme (Italy).
  • 2018 From 14th to 15th of June, participation at the 7th WUKF World Championships for all Ages in Dundee (Scotland) with the PKE disabled athletes group, obtaining 3 world championship titles.From 25th to 26th of October, participates at the Malta Open WUKF with the PKE disabled athletes group, who win 3 first places.On December 27th at the City Hall of Locarno, the PKE athletes group are awarded as the best athletes of the year.  
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